A budget of 14,2 million euros The Foundation receive income from two main sources: the Club, players and external financiers.


Income and expenditure

The contribution that FC Barcelona make is a figure of up to 0.7% of the income budget, and represents 29% of the Foundation’s resources. 

Besides the club’s donation, sporting donations represent 33% of the resources, and come from 0.5% of the professional players and coaches’ salaries, going to the Foundation. The contribution comes from the man and women's football, handball, futsal, basketball and roller hockey teams.

The Foundation designates 83% of its budget to its social mission, which has allowed us to increase the scope of his impact in Cayalonia and around the world. 


We receive support from companies and foundations from Spain and across the world


Since 2016, thanks to their commitment, the impact of the Barça Foundation’s programme has expanded in Latin America.

Project Participation


Main partner for the club, working with the Foundation since 2018. Through the Made To Play initiative we work in seven neighbourhoods in Barcelona, reaching 30 tutors and almost 600 children.

Project Participation

''La Caixa'' Foundation

Since 2009 we have worked with the aim of education continuing to be a basic tool for social transformation, using different Barça Foundation methodologies.

Project Participation


Partner of FC Barcelona since 2010, signed a collaboration agreement with FC Barcelona Foundation as the headline sponsor for Fundació Barça Team

Project Participation

Gran Tierra

Child protection project in Puerto Asís and the violence prevention project in Sant Martí, both in Colombia.

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TPV Cares

The objective of the agreement is to support projects that the Barça Foundation carries out in Catalonia and many other countries, aimed towards children that are vulnerable in health, wellbeing and education

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Since 2012, support from Councils in Barcelona, Lleida, Gerona and Tarragona has benefited more than 112,000 children from 75 areas beneficiaries of the social inclusion programme.

Project Participation


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