Talk by Dr. Lizarraga to the families of the Barça Foundation squad


The head of the Club's Nutrition Department sets the standard for the dietary habits of the team made up of men and women with intellectual disabilities

Dr. María Antonia Lizarraga, head of the FC Barcelona Department of Nutrition and Physiology, gave a talk last Sunday to the families of the Barça Foundation male and female players, as well as to the entities collaborating in the project. Coinciding with the last round of friendly matches of the year for this team, Lizarraga took a look at the best dietary habits and the behaviours related to eating that can do more for sports practice.

Dr. Lizarraga, together with the nutritionists Mireia Porta and Silvia Tremoleda, with whom she shares work in the Club's Nutrition and Physiology Department, will advise the Barça Foundation team on nutrition. As she is a prominent person in the field of knowledge, her contribution will be very important and will allow the men and women of this team to make a qualitative leap in their health and well-being.

María Antonia Lizarraga has a degree in Medicine from the University of Navarra and is a Specialist in Physical Education and Sports Medicine and, in addition to the work she does at FC Barcelona and the University of Barcelona, she advises the Spanish national team.

Comments made by Dr. María Antonia Lizarraga

“I take on the experience of advising Barça Foundation male and female players with a great desire to learn. From the outset, I will look for where and how, I can help more in this project".

“The motivation that I sense that the athletes of the Barça Foundation have is a very favourable point for them to have good nutrition. In this regard, the influence of coaches, psychologists and families will play a major role. The message they should receive from all of them should be the same”.

“The adequate nutrition of athletes not only has to do with the choice of food, but also responds to a global vision of the human body. Good dietary habits help bring out the best in everyone”.