The Barça Foundation and KONAMI are promoting the inclusion of children with disabilities in Japan


The For All Capabilities project has made it possible for hundreds of sports technicians and educators to be trained in the Foundation’s SportNet methodology

The For all Capabilities project developed jointly between the FC Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI, and which aims to achieve a more inclusive society in Japan through sports, has had a very positive impact since its launch in 2019. 

This project has enabled hundreds of sports and education professionals to be trained in the Foundation's SportNet methodology, which uses sports and physical activity as a means for children to play, share experiences and express themselves, and where no one is excluded. This project encourages the equal and inclusive participation of boys and girls, regardless of their individual characteristics and abilities, and intends to create shared spaces between children and young people with and without disabilities.

For All Capabilities focuses on transferring methodologies and providing resources to manage functional diversity based on three pillars: training on inclusive methodology for educational teams; support and monitoring for the organisations that implement the program; and regular sessions led by the Foundation's team for the inclusion of children with different disabilities: intellectual, motor, visual and auditory, together with other children without disabilities. More than 170 boys and girls have been able to enjoy these regular inclusive sessions this season. 

Teaching the Foundation's methodology

As part of the methodology transfer, we organise seminars for the educational teams of social organisations and sports coaches who work with children with functional diversity. During the pandemic, these seminars were converted to a digital format, and in this third season of collaboration, they have finally been able to recover the face-to-face format with the organisation of several seminars in Osaka and Tokyo which saw the participation of more than 63 organisations and 216 people related to sports organisations and clubs. The JIFF (Japanese Inclusive Football Federation) has collaborated in organising these seminars to pass on these teachings throughout its network of collaborating organisations and clubs. 

On the other hand, the organisations that implement the methodology in their activities on a regular basis receive methodological support from the FC Barcelona Foundation's team of diversity specialists, who monitor them and provide resources and educational strategies for their practices. 

At the end of 2021, the FC Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI renewed their collaboration agreement to carry out the joint project For All Capabilities for two more seasons.
This project is part of the inclusive strategy of the FC Barcelona Foundation, which leads this initiative in Japan together with different entities and organisations to work towards creating a more egalitarian and inclusive society.