Sergi Martínez invites the Barça Foundation to Sunday's match at the Palau


The Barça small forward spent some time with Guillem Anglès, a Barça Foundation player who is also an international player, and a gold medallist, of the Spanish national basketball team of people with disabilities.

During a pleasant encounter that took place today at midday at Palau Blaugrana, Sergi Martínez invited Guillem Anglès and the rest of the Barça Foundation team to the ACB League match that Barça will play against Coviran Granada this Sunday, 27th of November, starting at 5:00 p.m. Both athletes have taken advantage of the time they spent together to make several shots at basket and to share experiences.

It so happens that Guillem Anglès, Guille, in addition to playing as a defender at the Barça Foundation, also plays basketball in the point guard and small forward positions. In fact, he does it at the highest level: in addition to being a Grup Barna player, he has participated in the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi, in 2019, and in the Special Olympics Nationale Spiele Berlin, in 2022, representing the Spanish national team. On both occasions, he has also won a gold medal.

"It was a surprise, I didn't expect it", Guille said after his encounter with Sergi Martínez. "On Sunday, with my teammates, we will experience the magic of the Palau", he added. “I have played basketball since I was a little boy. For this reason, although now I also play football, I feel even more comfortable playing basketball", the Barça Foundation player explained, before revealing, when asked by Sergi Martínez, that his Barça idol has been Juan Carlos Navarro.