Thom Browne charity collection goes on sale to raise funds for the Barça Foundation


Exclusive capsule available from today and includes different garments and accessories produced by the American firm featuring the club’s characteristic colours and elements. Proceeds from sales to be used to raise funds for Barça Foundation programs in response to the social crisis caused by Covid-19.

North American firm Thom Browne’s latest capsule, i.e. an exclusive fashion range that encapsulates a specific idea or concept, has gone on sale today as a charity program promoted in association with the Barça Foundation. The idea is to raise funds that will be donated to the Foundation’s programs in support of children in situations of risk and to adapt these programs to the new social needs arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

This innovative line features different items that maintain the firm’s typical classic, elegant style while also incorporating the blaugrana colours together with different Barça-themed decorative details and visual elements. The collection includes, for example, a sport coat and chino shorts, as well as a jacquard V-neck buttoned cardigan and white shirt. It also includes such accessories as a blaugrana coloured tie, stockings, knit hat and scarves, all in the Barça colours. You can find the collection by clicking here.

The collection is available from today at, and in a selection of the company’s stores in different cities around the world.

The proceeds will be used to adapt the Barça Foundation’s programs as a consequence of new needs caused by Covid-19. Once of the beneficiary programs will be the one the Barça Foundation is running in New York City with the support of Thom Browne, as part of the Diversity Program.

To coincide with the launch, there will also be a draw to raise funds for the Barça Foundation, the prize being one of the pieces in the collection, specifically a scarf, which Barça fans will be able to sign up for at (here) where they have to answer a series of questions about the charity programs being run by the Barça Foundation and Thom Browne.

Thom Browne has been a partner of the Barça Foundation since the 2018-2019 season, and the two parties have worked together on different programs run by the club in New York, applying the FutbolNet sports-based social intervention methodology. These programs use sport, play and physical activity as a means of social integration to better the lives of children living in vulnerable contexts. Thom Browne is also an FC Barcelona Global Partner in the Formal War category and dresses the football first team players off the field on road trips.