Sport as a tool for social inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities

Since 2009, the Barça Foundation have collaborated on diverse projects with Special Olympics Catalunya. Through this agreement, collaborations have been generated which boost physical and group activities for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as their social inclusion.

Amongst the activities carried out are: The Torneig Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona de Futbol Sala, Jocs Special Olympics La Seu d'Urgell - Andorra la Vella 2018 (attended by 1,500 athletes from 15 different countries and 14 sporting disciplines), Campionat de Catalunya d'Esquí Special Olympics, Jocs Mundials Special Olympics, Marxa Special Olympics per la ciutat de Barcelona, and the Euroleague’s ONE TEAM, involving the basketball section of the club. The Camp Nou also held a symposium for the creation of Special sections at ordinary clubs.


Our commitment to the Special Olympics

In this project we are committed to collectives who have any disability, with the wish to give them visibility

We have the conviction that sport can be a source of personal and physical improvement of great value to these collectives.

The Barça Foundation gives support to Special Olympics Catalunya, lending its facilities for the celebration of the Special Olympics Parade.

We also offer invitations to athletes to games played by FC Barcelona’s different sections, amongst other initiatives.

Photos of the campaign