Former FC Barcelona player, Luis García, visits the Barça Foundation and Scotiabank project in Calakmul (Mexico)


Luis García and Andy Sola stayed and spent time with the girls and boys participating in this project.

The Barça legend was accompanied by Mexican journalist Andy Sola from Azteca TV

The former FC Barcelona player, Luis Garcia, visited the FC Barcelona Foundation project to see its impact first-hand, accompanied by Andy Sola, the renowned Mexican TV Azteca reporter and ambassador for Scotiabank Futbol Club, who also supports this social project. During their visit, they were able to meet with the children and young people who participate in the Foundation’s sessions, during which sport is used as a tool for social inclusion using their own socio-educational methodology. They also met with teachers, as well as the entity Fondo para la Paz, which is mutually supported throughout this comprehensive project in the interest of the community. Today a documentary video about this visit has been published, which can be watched on the following link.

In the Mexican municipality of Calakmul, one of the poorest regions in Mexico, the value of water is all too well-known. This area has major problems when it comes to the supply of safe drinking water, which among other reasons, is due to the scarce water resources caused by the lithological and relief characteristics of the local territory and a rainy season that is limited to just four months of the year. They also suffer from deficiencies in sanitation due to the lack of a sewerage network for proper waste water management.

Another problem area is nutrition, especially among the most disadvantaged population and in children. According to a study carried out by the entity Fondo para la Paz, more than 50% of women ask for support and help from school canteens to ensure their children receive proper nutrition. Likewise, in more rural areas they base their crops on the monoculture of corn, which leads to a very unbalanced diet and severely limits the nutrition of families.

300 boys and girls from 10 communities

Since March, the FC Barcelona Foundation, with the support of Scotiabank, has been developing this project that has seen the participation of more than 300 children, ages 6 to 14, across ten communities within the municipality of Calakmul. The project is focused on strengthening community cohesion and promoting the acquisition of personal skills within this group. Previously, Fondo para la Paz did not have any intervention programmes within this community, meaning that the implementation of this project now allows them to address multiple problems currently affecting the vulnerable population belonging to this municipality.

One of the main objectives is to educate and engage children and young people in the municipality of Calakmul, following the principles for sustainable development of communities, on the topics of water management and sanitation, solid waste management, agriculture, etc., within the context of the Barça Foundation’s socio-educational project and the support of Scotiabank. 

Another specific objective is to  improve the local capabilities of young adults in Calakmul by creating recreational activities aimed at children and adolescents; improving the physical and emotional health of boys, girls and young people in Calakmul, by means of creating healthy leisure spaces; as well as developing educational and recreational activities in these Communities. 

Statements by Luis García 

“The work that the Barça Foundation and Scotiabank are doing here is impressive and will ensure that these children will be able to manage themselves better in the future and that they can do so through games and sports. We’ve made a key contribution and have also been lucky enough to meet two of the educators, Marta and Eric, who are the children’s mentors and do a great job”.

“This project works hard to improve the community, especially in terms of improving the problems of drinking water and providing a basic & varied diet. The programme allows for community work to be established among the group of boys and girls who will be the future of these communities”.

Statements by Andy Sola

“It’s very important in these types of communities to work as a team, because if we are all on the same path and work together effectively, the solution will come faster and be much more effective. Precisely the work the FC Barcelona Foundation and Fondo para la Paz does offer a set of values to the young people and children, teaching them from a very young age to work together.”

“We have to tell the world about these projects, because we often forget about these places that offer such incredible things, have amazing people, who were forced to emigrate out of necessity. I am proud to participate in this kind of programme and to do my bit.”