Awaken social awareness among players at La Masia

La Masia's focus on education is very much reflected by the Masia Solidària project, a joint program with the Barça Foundation that seeks to make Barça's youngest athletes more socially aware and ensure they apply the Club's five key values (teamwork, respect, humility, effort and ambition) through first-hand experiences in liaison with various social entities.


Specifically, with regard to players, the project has several objectives: to make athletes aware of other social realities, to develop their socio-emotional skills and abilities and to encourage their critical and reflective spirit towards social injustices, in order to break down prejudices.


Emotional education

The Masia Solidària project promotes the exchange of experiences between athletes and vulnerable people being assisted by charity organizations and fosters their mutual enrichment.

The project boosts the emotional well-being of the beneficiaries of the charity organisations with which it works. The activity ensures that the participants get to enjoy training or watching football matches together.

The youngsters at La Masia learn what life is like in old people's homes, for people with various disabilities, children at day centres, or that suffer from illness or neurological disabilities.

During the current season, 18 charities and almost 600 athletes from the 39 teams at La Masia have been participating in the project.