Sport and health

Adolescent Mental Health Project: #EsportivaMent

The implementation of the SportNet methodology is proposed in coordination with different services managed by or linked to the Vidal i Barraquer Foundation to complement the treatment of mood disorders in children and young people. In parallel with this implementation, a project for the generation of scientific evidence is also devised, which aims to provide knowledge about the benefits of physical activity in general, but in particular the SportNet methodology, within the context of treating mood disorders in children and young people.  


A hundred adolescents participed in the project

100 children and young people, between the ages of 13 and 18, mainly coming from the Santa Coloma CSMIJ (Child and Youth Mental Health Centre), but also from the day hospitals and ECIDs (Home intervention Clinical Team) in Santa Coloma and Badalona.
Participants must present symptoms related to mood disorders, in a broad sense, who have not yet started any treatment.
Another 100 young people with the same characteristics will participate in the research study but will not do any sports (treatment as usual) in order to evaluate the differences between patients from the two groups (control group).