Discover the new rules here

The world is one huge pitch.

It doesn't matter if it's not rectangular... If it's not level... Or if we have to mark it ourselves. There can be one, two or no goals. We can also play using baskets, bins, walls or other objects.

Everybody can play. And that means everybody.

Wanting to play, wanting to dream, respect and good spirits are the mandatory gear. Together, we’re an amazing team!

The two teams shall become one.

We don't play against anyone. We play with them, alongside them. Without violence or fear. If our opponents fall, we'll help them get back up. If they miss, we'll cheer them on. And if they score, we'll congratulate them.

The score doesn't really matter

We win by having fun. If we learn, we win. We beat exclusion. We beat injustice. We beat sadness. And, most of all, we win our right to be children

The ball might be made of leather, plastic, paper...

or anything else we can come up with.

We can touch the ball with our feet, hands, crutches, wheelchair...

or whatever each child needs to play.

An illness will not separate us from the team.

We'll huddle together, and having our team by our side will give us more strength and hope.

Bullying isn’t our game.

We play with respect, empathy and a sense of community, making us more united

We may be refugees but, most of all, we’re children.

When we play we can forget about our problems and be children again.

We're the referees of our own lives.

We choose to be positive, brave and optimistic. And to do so, we choose to play always.

These rules aren't just for playing.

They also work at home, in the street, at school and in life. Always.