Rio de Janeiro

Creating a space of hope for the children of the Maré favela

The Barça Foundation has been working with the support of the MAPFRE Foundation since 2014 in the Maré favela, one of the most vulnerable and most affected by violence in Rio de Janeiro. Some 5000 children, living in a context of clashes and shootings between armed gangs and with incursions by the military police, have taken part in this program.

The Program has helped to create activities in a safe environment that offer educational and emotional support to children and young people. It focuses on promoting skills and transmitting tools to enable dialogue and peaceful coexistence.

Sao Paulo

Educational projects in Sao Paulo

Also with the support of the MAPFRE Foundation, the Barça Foundation has collaborated with Municipal Secretaries of Education in municipalities in the State of Sao Paulo, to implement FutbolNet (clean football) in extracurricular activities at local schools, aimed at children and young people, and open to the community.


In the municipality of Diadem, we are working since 2019 in the program "Cidade na Escola" (City at School) with a presence in 18 schools. Since 2019, we also participate in the program "Escola 360" (360 School) by the Municipal Secretariat of Education of Guarulhos, with a presence in 9 Unified Education Centres (CEUs) in the municipality of Guarulhos.


O Caminho do Sol (stories of light within the dark)