We work in communities that are highly vulnerable and subject to all kinds of violence against children. By means of the hugely transformative power of sport and our SportNet methodology, we improve the personal and social skills of those involved.

We drive the provision of protective spaces for children and help them distance themselves from the conflictive dynamics they experience in their communities, as well as to alleviate the serious breaches of their rights which they are exposed to.

We promote the creation of safe, healthy and inclusive environments for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations, using sport and physical activity in order to prioritise education and safeguarding from violence.

By means of educational and sporting strategies we encourage the reinforcement of protective spaces in communities that are highly vulnerable to violence.


Our impact on violence against children and young people

The program promotes empathy, dialogue, conflict resolution, and cooperation among children and youth by ensuring and promoting respect for others and human rights, with acceptance and appreciation of diversity among individuals and social groups, without prejudice based on gender, identity, culture or any other situation.

Using sport and physical activity for the purpose of education, it focuses on offering tools and empowering children and young people, strengthening local capacities, generating participatory spaces, and establishing synergies with different social agents.