We work in contexts in which youth violence has become a structural phenomenon. Using our methodologies, participants gain skills for resolving conflicts peacefully, which encourage social reintegration

The most underprivileged areas of large cities currently have a high rate of youth violence which, at the same time, acts as a social division and control, and reinforces inequality.

We promote dialogue and reflection on and off the field to resolve conflicts and drive communities away from violence.

Last season we reached over 7,000 young people who are in these situations.


Our impact on violence against children and young people

The program promotes empathy, dialogue, conflict resolution, and cooperation among children and youth by ensuring and promoting respect for others and human rights, with acceptance and appreciation of diversity among individuals and social groups, without prejudice based on gender, identity, culture or any other situation.

Using sport and physical activity for the purpose of education, it focuses on offering tools and empowering children and young people, strengthening local capacities, generating participatory spaces, and establishing synergies with different social agents.

Tots Units Fem Força (UNITED WE ARE STRONG)

Related alliances

Leo Messi Foundation

The Barça Foundation signed an agreement with the Leo Messi Foundation to act on behalf of children at risk both nationally and internationally.

See alliance

Edmílson Foundation

The Edmílson Foundation and the Barça Foundation work together on educational projects in Brazil.

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Collaboration with the Generalitat for the socio-educational and emotional support of young refugees in at-risk situations.

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We receive support from companies and foundations in our country and around the world


Since 2016, thanks to their commitment, the impact of the Barça Foundation’s programme has expanded in Latin America.

Project Participation

Mapfre Foundation

A key piece of the Prevention of Juvenile Violence since 2012 in the Maré favela in Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo (Brazil), where the Barça Foundation work.

Project Participation

Telmex Foundation

Since 2016 we have collectively put together a programme to combat juvenile violence in five cities in Mexico.

Project Participation

Gran Tierra Energy

This collaboration has allowed for the development of a project that guarantees the rights of children through sport, with children from Puerto Asis in the Colombian region of Putumayo.

Project Participation