Project with Scotiabank in Valparaiso (Chile)

Sport as a tool to combat any form of violence against children and adolescents

In Chile, the Barça Foundation and Scotiabank, in conjunction with the NGO ‘Paicabí’ are carrying out the Alunmapu project in the communities of Viña del Mar, Limache and Olmué (Valparaíso Region). The project uses sport, games and physical activity as an educational methodology to promote the prevention and early detection of any form of violence, mistreatment or abuse of children and adolescents, as well as providing comprehensive care for victims and raising awareness about this issue within the community. 

A community project

Prevention, early detection and increased community awareness of all forms of violence against children and adolescents, and comprehensive care for those affected

Former Barça player and Legend Juan Pablo Sorín visits the project in Chile

Juan Pablo Sorín was able to see the programs being carried out and action taken in Chile, and the benefits gained by the community.

Sport and games to fight against violence

Sport and games help to mitigate the emotional impact of violence by promoting trust, rebuilding self-esteem and a sense of group belonging. 

Community benefits

There are 320 children and adolescents, in addition to 280 adults, who are the direct beneficiaries of this project, while a further 1,200 children and adults will benefit indirectly.

Therapeutic recovery

A pilot program in therapeutic recovery is also being developed to support the victims of various forms of violence, who are being cared for at centres in these areas run by the NGO ‘Paicabí’.