A pioneering social project on the African continent

The Barça Foundation and the IOC are working together on various social projects in Africa. As a result of this collaboration, it has been possible to reach a large number of African countries by applying the Barça Foundation's FutbolNet methodology, which uses sport as a tool for social inclusion thanks to its universal language and values.

Specifically, the Olympic values that are promoted among young Africans include friendship, excellence and respect, which are also shared by the FutbolNet methodology created by the Barça Foundation and which generates empowerment and opportunities among children who live in the most troubled countries.



Organising sports and socio-educational activities in rural areas of Africa

Each year, in association with the OlympAfrica Foundation, the directors of different community centres around Africa are trained in the Foundation's sports-based methodology for six months in order to organise extracurricular activities with all children aged 6 to 18 from their surrounding areas. These centres are usually located in rural areas where children have less access to resources.

There are currently 12 countries where the Barça Foundation’s methodology is being used on a regular basis and this number is increasing every year. The active centres are in Senegal, Mali, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Niger and Togo.

In each country, this methodology is used with the most popular sports in the region: korfball, volleyball, athletics, basketball, athletics and football, among others.


Our commitment to the IOC

The alliance between the Barça Foundation and the IOC, signed in 2014, is the first that the Olympic body has signed with a sports club's foundation. It has led to different projects using the Barça Foundation's own methodology in various African countries.

The Olympafrica FutbolNet Cup works on social inclusion and the promotion of values based on the Barça Foundation's methodology.

Our goal is for children and young people to work on different values based on the practice of various sports, incorporating dialogue as an active part of the game.

Tournaments are held each season in some thirty African countries in collaboration with the Olympafrica Foundation.


We have managed to reach a large number of countries on the African continent by applying a pedagogical methodology that is proving that the languages of football and values are universal

Thomas Bach

President of the International Olympic Committee

The application of FutbolNet in Africa is having a positive impact among young people as it teaches them values that will help them in their everyday lives and they have welcomed the project with open arms

Thierno Diack

Director General of the Olympafrica Foundation