The Barça Foundation and UNHCR work side by side to raise awareness of the situation of refugees

The Barça Foundation shares with UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) its concern about the current plight of the more than 70 million refugees and displaced people around the world, a significant proportion of whom are children.

In addition to the 2017 Sign and Pass campaign to help refugee children, and which was supported by some of the club’s main players, the Foundation, through Jordi Cardoner, first vice-president of FC Barcelona and the Barça Foundation, got the chance to go to the UNHCR headquarters in Geneva in late 2018 to speak about the Foundation's program to support young refugees.


Love for sport unites people in a unique way. The passion and acceptance that arise when playing a sport or supporting a team can put an end to differences

Filippo Grandi

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees