Since 2011, work has been focused on South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and China, and sport is used as a tool for education and development

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During these years, wonderful work has been done, and over a million beneficiaries have been reached.

The triumph of dreams

First-string players dream of being invincible, of marking an era, winning titles. The boys and girls in the FCB Foundation and UNICEF projects also dream about having access to school, sports equipment to play with—having a future

A commitment to standing up for the rights of boys and girls around the world

To commemorate Universal Children’s Day in 1989, when the General Assembly of the UN approved the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNICEF are promoting various actions:
The Children’s Grandstand, the star of the Barça-Málaga match
The showcase of the Camp Nou Experience, which shows elements of the alliance
Trip to South Africa, to find out about joint projects