"A Game Called Hope"

Barça Foundation presents documentary “A Game Called Hope”. It explains how FutbolNet methodology changes the life of five beneficiaries around the world.

Directed by publicist Jorge Martínez, it shows how the FutbolNet methodology has managed to change the lives of children living in situations of violence, discrimination and poverty by using sport as means of social transformation. Martínez was also behind the FC Barcelona Christmas campaign that told the story of Nujeen, a physically handicapped Syrian girl who was forced to flee her country and cross Turkey and half of Europe, and whose dream came true when she came to the Camp Nou and met the Barça players.


The stories shown in the documentary are just five examples representing the more than one million children worldwide who have benefited from Barça Foundation projects run in partnership with three other organisations. All of them share a common thread: they are about people who, apart from being beneficiaries of Foundation programmes, have fought to overcome obstacles by showing extraordinary spirit despite coming from such tough backgrounds. The documentary helps to put ourselves in their shoes and get a better idea of their plights and the problems they have to cope with.