Educational workshops on bullying through sport

Prevention and awareness workshops on bullying, for primary school children, through recreational and participatory dynamics where sport is the motivational context for learning.

How to apply:

All you need to do is fill in the following form

Logistics of the workshops

The workshop will be held within the school environment, during school hours, and will use sport and play as the setting for creating relationships between peers and getting children to think.

All primary schools in Catalonia are invited to request these workshops. To do so, they must fill in an application form.

The workshops will be held with all primary classes at the school in order to ensure a greater impact on the school as a whole.

Each workshop lasts for approximately 1.5 hours and the idea is for them to be held inside and outside the classroom (playground, sports court, etc.), and they will be run by specialised teachers.

The activity is free, but places are limited, so next year's workshops will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Target:                Primary children from 1st to 6th grade

Duration:           The schedule consists of 6 workshops, organized into 3 sessions of 2 workshops each, with each session lasting 1.5 hours per group

Format:              Class group (approx. 25 children) per teacher

Methodology:  Theory and practical

Venue:                Classroom with projector and audio.

     Sports hall or multipurpose hall for activities.


Main Target To raise awareness of what bullying and cyberbullying are and learn to react to such group situations, in order to implement strategies in real life, and to foster coexistence and relationships between people.

Specific target:

  • Help to identify harassment between peers

  • Increase the level of empathy towards victims of bullying

  • Enhance the role of the defender

  • Explain criteria and protocols for action in cases of bullying

  • The participating schools will receive priority treatment when applying for the complete Barça Foundation programme for the prevention of bullying



  • Identification of bullying

  • Awareness of its impact and importance

  • Empowerment of the defender as a fundamental element of prevention and intervention in situations of bullying


How will it be organised?

  • Deadline for applications is end of September 2018.

  • Activity scheduled to start in November 2018.

  • Activity in class hours and from Monday to Friday.

  • Once the applications have been collected and admitted, the calendar will be organised by regions.

  • Note that we will be working with a total of 6 groups per school per day - approx. 50 children in 3 shifts.

  • Once the workshops have finished, the participating teachers will fill in a feedback form.

Who can apply?

  •  All primary schools in Catalonia.

  • To hold the activity, the schools must be able to fill most of the places in the three workshop sessions.