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Barça Foundation staff


Sergi Mascarell

(Barcelona, 04/06/1972) Coach, has worked at clubs such as Banyoles, Muntanyesa, Mataró, Europa, and Premià. Has experience working with athletes with functional diversities at the Esmen Foundation.


Josep Ferré

(Barcelona, 26/11/1983). Coach, has worked in Egypt, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Puerto Rico, and India. Bachelor of Physical Activity Sciences, and certified professional coach (third level).


Tina Gonzalez

(Vic, 14/03/1973). Psychologist. Director of the Employment Department for disabled people at the Sant Tomàs Foundation.


Emilio Gómez

Barcelona, 09/08/1986). Trainer, has worked in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, China, Mexico, the United States, Chile and Sweden. He is a second-level coach, and has a Masters degree in sports education and management.


Beth Puigdesens

(Vic, 06/12/1972). Clinical psychology and health professional. Founder of the Patí Riuprimer Club, she also performs therapy on animals and has worked in a retirement home.


Jesús Unzué

(Pamplona, 25/12/1993)


Nagore Ferrero

(Barakaldo, 22/04/1991)