Methodology SporNet

Fostering the FC Barcelona values

The methodology SportNet uses sport, play and physical activity as tools for social integration to improve the lives of children and young people who are living in vulnerable contexts.

It seeks to encourage effort, respect, teamwork, humility and ambition, all in terms of a culture of cooperation, so that they feel positive on an individual and also group level.

Sportnet Sessions

Sport as a driver of change

Each session works on a value by means of sports-based games in which participants must put that value into practice in the best possible way. The activity is designed to do so using different spaces for reflection and the games are divided into three parts:

1st Part: Players autonomously discuss and agree on the rules of the game. For example: if someone disrespects a team-mate, a penalty is awarded.

2nd Part: A football match of about 15 minutes is played. Here the participants develop their ability to relate to each other and the instructors encourage them to take responsibility for their actions.

3rd Part: The participants chat critically to assess how the game has gone and the winners are decided based on their behaviour and application of the value in question.


Learn the 7 dimensions of SportNet

  • Methodological dimension: Constant improvement of the methodology generates results that enrich the project by generating new contents, good practices, etc.
  • Occupational dimension: Increases employability by generating new career options.
  • Family dimension: Generates spaces for dialogue and engagement that can be extrapolated to the family setting.
  • Personal dimension: Boosts self-esteem and social awareness.
  • Health dimension: Encourages physical activity and healthy habits.
  • School dimension: Generates spaces for dialogue and commitment.
  • Social dimension: Promotes the growth of all resources.