Programme fot Primary Schools

Prevention, detection and intervention against any type of violence

In response to the current situation and building on their commitment to respecting the rights of children and adolescents, the Barça Foundation has now made a NEW programme available to all primary education centres in Catalonia for prevention, detection, and intervention against any types of violence that a child or adolescent may suffer across any of the living environments where they interact with others.

It is an open and free of charge programme that can be independently implemented throughout the entire educational centre.

Comprehensive Protection Programme

Train schools on how to address all types of violence

This program stems from the legal framework of the LOPIVI, LO 8/2021 (Organic Law for the Comprehensive Protection of Children and Adolescents against Violence) and has been designed with an emphasis on the comprehensive protection of children against violence. The aim of the programme is to train schools in the prevention, detection, and intervention against any type of violence towards children according to the LOPIVI law. 

Sport is the backbone of this programme and facilitates an environment for early detection, making it possible to address factors for prevention.

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