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Pediatric Emotional Well-Being

Hospital stays and treatment can bring about moments of pain, uncertainty, and a lack of understanding for pediatric patients. Nevertheless, children have an extraordinary capacity to adapt to their surroundings — their imaginations and hopes and desires are their best tools for adjusting to any situation. Having a good emotional state and positive surroundings plays a key role for children in the effectiveness of treatment and posterior recovery.

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Positive emotions lead to a healthier appreciation of life's difficulties, and foment a more persistent and tolerant attitude in the face of frustration

Small actions that make a big impact on improving the emotional well-being of children, and which are endorsed by families and medical staff


Actions carried out over the past year


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Help us build the SJD Pediatric Oncology Center in Barcelona to beat childhood cancer

What we've done

The main goal of this program is to help children with serious illnesses fulfill their dreams. The project is carried out with the Make-A-Wish® Foundation and the Fundación Pequeño Deseo, and last year put smiles on the faces of 1,561 children.

For Christmas, the Barça players visited over 1,000 boys and girls in Barcelona-area hospitals
More than 100 children got to see a training session or game, in-person, and meet privately with the players
More than 226 gift baskets were sent with signed jerseys and other Barça merchandise