Puppet shows to educate children on the refugee crisis


The Barça Foundation and Red Cross present their educational project called ‘Tant se val d’on venim’ at the Pau Romeva school

‘Tant se val d’on venim’ (It doesn’t matter where we come from) is the name of the joint project between the Barça Foundation and the Red Cross, which aims to raise awareness of the refugee crisis through educational workshops on humanitarian values aimed at children between the age of four and eight and their families. The main event of this workshop is a puppet show using dialogue as a tool to promote understanding and participation in the transmission of these values.


The puppet show tells the story of a new child, Zer, in the magical football Ziga-Zaga’s class. The football interacts with the children and makes them incredibly happy while playing football during the breaks. When the football finds out about the imminent arrival of Zer, it is scared he won’t like or want to play with it. However, when the new child arrives in the school and, despite not speaking Catalan, Ziga-Zaga realises that they can understand each other. The football understands that Zer is more scared than it is and that its fears were only insecurities because they hadn’t got to know each other yet. Thanks to Ziga-Zaga, Zer manages to integrate in the classroom and in the magical and fun football matches in the breaks.


This storyline helps us understand what it must feel like to be new and, for a period of time, makes us see the issues refugees have to face when they arrive in a new country. In this way, the power of a magical football demonstrates how sport facilitates the integration of these people in our society.


Both entities have promoted the use of puppets as a powerful communicative tool when engaging children and their families in the process of acquiring and transmitting humanitarian values. This reinforces the goal of promoting the practical implementation of these attitudes and behaviours to aid harmonious coexistence and respect for refugees. While also preventing discriminatory, racist, or xenophobic attitudes.


The puppet show takes place alongside other educational activities to reinforce the values being taught to these children. These activities include the parachute of values, the four cobblers, and the decoration of cut-out puppets. As a whole, the workshop aims to promote the values of respect, commitment, effort, teamwork, coexistence, humility, and solidarity, among others.


The protagonists on the day, the boys and girls at the Pau Romeva school, actively participated in the project interacting with the institutional representatives from the Barça Foundation and the Red Cross. The children showed sensibility and an awareness of the needs and desires of others as well as a helpful and collaborative attitude. Moreover, they learnt about the importance of working in a team with their classmates in order to play football and, more importantly, to achieve what they set out to achieve in their lives. 


Statements from Jordi Cardoner, First Vice President of FC Barcelona and the Barça Foundation:


“This is a new joint project between the Barça Foundation and the Red Cross in Catalunya and we are very excited about it as it is an important aspect of our work on the refugee crisis. This workshop will take place across 25 different location in Catalunya and will promotes the values of coexistence and integration.”


Statements from Antoni Aguilera, President of the Red Cross in Catalunya:


“The puppet workshops show us the need to welcome the children, who come from conflict zones and poverty, with as much love, understanding, and willingness to work for a more egalitarian and non-discriminatory society as possible.”