The FC Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI host the #ForAllCapabilities Festival in Japan to promote social inclusion for children with disabilities


Alex Roca with a group of participants of the FC Barcelona Foundation program at Japan during the Konami Festival celebrated the 4th of March

Over 120 children enjoy a fun day in Tokyo as part of the For All Capabilities project, with Àlex Roca in attendance

The festival for the social inclusion of children with disability took place this weekend in Tokyo. It is part of the For All Capabilities project, implemented by the FC Barcelona Foundation in Japan in association with KONAMI since 2019.

The festival brings together over 120 children with and without disabilities to work on inclusion between both groups, and to reinforce bonds that are often impaired by the social exclusion experienced by children with disabilities.

The event was attended by the Foundation’s ambassador, Àlex Roca, who gave a motivational speech to the audience, particularly aimed at children with disabilities, inspiring them to continue playing sport and overcome the adversities they may encounter in life with his own story.

Àlex and the other institutional representatives attending the event were able to share in the sporting activities and different group games with the children and young people from the program, gaining first-hand experience of the methodological resources that encourage playing sport, and inclusion for those with intellectual, motor, sensory and physical disabilities.

Marta Segú’s statement, General Manager of the FC Barcelona Foundation

 “Through the magic of sport, the main tool of the ForAllCapabilities project, we were able to see how both children with and without functional diversity benefitted from the work on inclusion, with the bonds between the groups strengthening. Sport breaks down barriers and we have seen it again with this program, where diversity and inclusion are the main goals.”

“Furthermore, I also want to highlight the visit of Àlex Roca, an example of both personal and high-performance sport perseverance, and a reference in life for all children and young people.”

Hideki Hayakawa’s statement, Chief Operating Officer (Representative of Konami Digital Entertainment)

"We are delighted that we were able to participate in the event today".
"The idea that everyone, with or without disabilities, differences in age, gender, or race can enjoy sports activities together matches our wish to connect everyone in the world through our game content".

"We would like to thank the FC Barcelona Foundation, the Japan Inclusive Football Federation, and the Japan Football Association, as well as all those who participated as instructors and students".

Tsuneyasu Miyamoto’s statement, Executive Director of JFA (Japan Football Association)

The inclusive sport activities are an opportunity for children with and without disabilities to get to know each other and deepen their understanding of each other, thereby contributing to building a more inclusive society.

 Tsuyoshi Kitazawa’s statement, president of JIFF (Japan Inclusive Football Federation)

"JIFF shares the FC Barcelona Foundation's commitment to inclusion and enjoyment of sport for everyone, including children with disabilities, and has worked together to increase opportunities and spaces for fostering their socialization. Since 2019, in the collaboration with the FC Barcelona Foundation, the SportNet methodology training has been delivered to more than 450 instructors and coaches and those trained coaches took an important role leading sessions during the ForAllCapabilities Festival. The event was such as a realization of an inclusive society".

"Sport is not for limited people but for everyone, and we need to work to change the way of thinking to make it more inclusive, and the initiative of the FC Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI will lead to a strong message for society".