Barça Foundation and BasketBeat join forces for social inclusion


The coordinators of the FutbolNet methodology at the Barça Foundation and the BasketBeat organisation join up for social inclusion

On Friday, March 16 at the Futbol Club Barcelona offices, the quarterly meeting was held between the coordinators in Catalonia of the Barça Foundation social inclusion programme –which uses the FutbolNet methodology. During the meeting, an evaluation was made of the development of this methodology, with two main conclusions drawn. Firstly, the fact that the high attendance percentage of participants leads to a firm commitment; and secondly, that there is relevance in the FutbolNet sessions as a basis for a change to positive conduct amongst young people.


In addition, in the afternoon a Basketbeat workshop was held at the Institut Barri Besòs. The objective of the activity was to provide the Barça Foundation professionals with a new pedagogical tool that unites two universal languages: Music and sport.


The workshop is included in the collaboration between the Barça Foundation and the Basketbeat entity, which will generate more workshops in the different Barça Foundation programs.




BasketBeat is a social action methodology that accompanies people in their personal growth through learning and musical creation, in a group and with basketballs. This organisation is made up of the structure that includes ideas, resources, questions and exercises based around the ball, and the group that establishes this process of social accompaniment.


BasketBeat collaborate with 61 organisations that have been able to accompany more than 3000 people in Catalonia, Andorra, France and Germany. The BasketBeat Association has special  interest in those collectives with fewer opportunities and/or in risky situations.




FutbolNet is a social intervention methodology created by the Barça Foundation in 2011. It uses football and physical activity as tools for reflection and as agents for change, to improve the lives of children and young people in vulnerable contexts. In addition, it uses the values of Futbol Club Barcelona: Effort, respect, teamwork, humility and ambition. These are applied positively on an individual and collective level. The project is carried out in collaboration with private entities on a local and international level.