FC Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI organise #ForAllCapabilities Festival in Japan, for the inclusion of children with disabilities


Ambassador of the Àlex Roca Foundation attends the closing event of the For All Capabilities project in Tokyo

Next Saturday 4 March, the ForAllCapabilities Festival will be held in Tokyo, an event organized by the FC Barcelona Foundation and KONAMI attended by more than a hundred children participating in the project. The Festival will feature the presence of the athlete and ambassador of the Àlex Roca Foundation. This event is part of the Inclusion in Diversity program run by the FC Barcelona Foundation which promotes the social inclusion of children with disabilities in Japan.

On this occasion, the children will enjoy a fun day with the opportunity to learn first-hand the story of how Àlex Roca overcame his difficulties, and they will be able to share different cooperative activities and games following the SportNet methodology, created by the FC Barcelona Foundation. The activities will be led by the foundation's educational team, together with local trainers and educators who have been trained in this socio-educational methodology. Once the activities have finished, medals will be awarded to all the children who took part. The General Secretary of the JFA (Japanese Football Association) Tsuneyasu Miyamoto and Tsuyoshi Kitazawa, president of the JIFF (Japanese Inclusive Football Federation) will also attend the event as representatives of the two collaborating entities.

The ForAllCapabilities project

The FC Barcelona Foundation's ForAllCapabilities, thanks to the support of KONAMI, has been working for the Inclusion of Diversity in Japan since 2019, when the project was started. It uses the SportNet methodology as a tool for social inclusion, featuring activities and training with different sporting and social organizations that work with disabled children.

The participation of boys and girls is encouraged uniformly, regardless of the characteristics and abilities of each individual, with the aim of creating fully inclusive spaces for children with and without disabilities. The idea is to offer the opportunity for participants to play, share experiences and express themselves freely without anyone being excluded, thus contributing to the creation of a more equal and inclusive society.

Motivational talk by Àlex Roca

Àlex Roca, FC Barcelona Foundation ambassador and an example of excellence in sport and functional diversity, who has cerebral palsy and a 76% physical disability, will be part of the group traveling to to Japan. During the Festival, he will hold a motivational talk addressed at all the children, mentors, project members and program participants.