Barça Foundation has distributed more than 500,000 medical protection products for hospitals and organisations during the Covid-19 crisis

Donació Tencent Covid-19

The medical supplies donated by TENCENT were distributed this morning to different hospitals.

The latest batch of 150,000 medical masks donated by the Chinese technology giant TENCENT was delivered this morning

The Barça Foundation has been working to help as much as possible to deal with the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. One of its most outstanding actions has been to get material to Catalonia and distribute it to different hospitals, organisations and health professionals who are currently working to deal with the coronavirus crisis. The latest of these donations arrived today from Chinese technology giant Tencent, which has sent 150,000 masks to the Foundation, of which 50,000 are for medical use and 100,000 for healthcare use. 

To date, the Barça Foundation has managed the distribution of more than 500,000 health protection products to hospitals and other organisations such as the Barcelona Medical Association. Most of this material has been donated by TENCENT, but there have also been large contributions from Taiping (30,000 masks), Mission Hills (50,000 masks) and Beko (250 appliances).

With this third delivery of medical equipment, the Chinese Tencent Technology Company Limited, through the Tencent Charity Foundation, has donated to the Barça Foundation: 300,000 surgical masks for civilian use, 98,000 masks for medical use, 5,000 medical goggles, 3,000 face protectors and 15,000 items of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Support from Miniclip and Serveto

This material has arrived in coordination with Miniclip Portugal, one of TENCENT's companies and a world leader in digital games developed, published and distributed for mobile, social and online platforms. 

Likewise, Catalan logistics company Serveto, which has been working with FC Barcelona since 2013 as a partner of its professional sports teams, is also contributing by altruistically transporting all the material to different medical centers in Catalonia.

Dídac Lee, FC Barcelona board member and head of the Digital Area 

“At FC Barcelona, through the Barça Foundation, we are working every day to help cope with a pandemic that is affecting everyone by looking for resources and medical equipment and supporting the most disadvantaged. We are doing this in collaboration with others, and one of the most outstanding cases has been our work with a corporation of such global magnitude as Tencent, the Chinese technology giant, which has now sent us this third shipment, and one of the largest we have received so far. I wish to express my appreciation for the invaluable help that the Tencent Charity Foundation has once again given us, and which further showcases its commitment to helping with this crisis.”