Catalonia’s culinary cream visit Barça Foundation


20 chefs with 18 Michelin Stars between them learn more about Barça’s charity work

This morning gastronomy and the values of the Barça Foundation came together in Sala Roma at the Camp Nou. Twenty renowned chefs were welcomed to the Espai Barça Fundació by Jordi Cardoner, first vice-president of FC Barcelona and the Barça Foundation, Josep Vives, the club spokesman and Mària Vallès, director general of the Barça Foundation.


The idea was show the guests the good work done by the Barça Foundation in Catalonia and around the world through its programs, partnerships and campaigns that use the FutbolNet in more than 53 countries.


The meeting was structured into two parts. First, the visitors were shown around the Espai Barça Fundació, where they were able to learn all about the social projects in the virtual interactive facility on the site.


Then they made their way to Sala Roma, the gastronomic space at FC Barcelona, where they attended a presentation by Mària Vallès and enjoyed a brunch where they could exchange experiences and opinions in a laid back atmosphere.


The twenty chefs that came to the event were: Adrià Marín, Albert Adrià, Borja Molina, Fran López, Joel Castanyé, Jordi Jacas, José Varela, Juan Carlos Iglesias, Marc Gascons, Pere Massana, Pere Monje, Rafa Peña, Ricard Borràs, Romain Fornell, Joan Pallarès, , Quim Marquès, Fina Puigdevall, Carles Gaig and Paco Pérez. Together, they represent one of the most important and recognisable cultural traits of Catalonia. The Barça Foundation highly appreciates their interest and implication in this event.