Barça Foundation creates digital adaptation of its programme for disabled children in Japan


Japanese diversity programme adapted to digital format

Modified version guarantees continuity of the For all Capabilities, with the support of KONAMI programme in the current climate of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Barça Foundation, with the support of KONAMI, has created a digital adaptation of the For all Capabilities programme aimed at training instructors, coaches, federations and organisations that are dedicated to the use of sport as an instrument for inclusion and a fair and more egalitarian world.

This adaptation has come about as a result of the exceptional circumstances caused by Covid-19 and to ensure that the programme will be able to continue this season. Work has been done in recent months to create new contents and resources to complement the Barça Foundation’s training in the FutbolNet inclusion methodology. The new features and improvements to the contents include, among others, the holding of seminars given by experts in the Foundation’s methodologies, methodological support for the organisations that run it, Live Talks with international specialists and infographics with advice for the families of the children taking part in the programme.  

The project, which is part of the Barça Foundation’s For all Capabilities programme, was set up in Japan in 2019 in association with the Japan Inclusive Football Association (JIFF) to encourage the inclusion of children with functional diversity through transfer of the FutbolNet methodology. Specific seminars have been held on the methodology and the inclusion of disabled children, as well as a FutbolNet Festival at the end of the year in Tokyo that involved more than 200 boys and girls with mental, visual and hearing disabilities together with other non-disabled children. 

Support from KONAMI

The Barça Foundation, thanks to the support from KONAMI, is running this programme in Japan with different organisations to thereby help to build a fairer and more equal society. As part of this programme, the Barça Foundation is training teachers and sports coaches in Japan in the Barça Foundation’s methodology.

This project forms part of the Barça Foundation’s Diversity programme that fosters the social inclusion of disabled children in sport and is currently being run in Catalonia and York. 

FutbolNet Methodology

The FutbolNet methodology is a social and educational instrument that uses physical activity and sport to foster social inclusion and change and thereby transform the lives of boys and girls living in contexts of violence, discrimination and poverty. It also promotes the famous FC Barcelona values of humility, effort, ambition, respect and teamwork, based on a culture of cooperation in which these values will be of benefit both to individuals and to their communities.

In addition to the Diversity programme, the Barça Foundation also uses this methodology on its programmes for refugees, the prevention of violence and promotion of social inclusion in different countries around the world.