Barça playing against the coronavirus


The club have made their facilities available to the Generalitat, and through the Barça Foundation have provided the stretcher-buggy used at the Camp Nou to the Hospital de Sant Pau

In keeping with the club philosophy of contributing to society and being ‘Més que un club’, FC Barcelona are contributing to the fight against the coronavirus health crisis. Whilst they cannot compete on pitches and courts for the time being, they are determined to win the battle for citizens in the region against Covid-19.


From the outset, the club have made themselves available to the country's health authorities to raise awareness of Covid-19 amongst the population of Spain, with the help of athletes and members. They transmitted their willingness to lend the use of their facilities to the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat for whatever use necessary. The Generalitat expressed its appreciation to the club for this decision, which was agreed upon in the most recent board meeting, and is analysing which facilities may be the most appropriate to meet healthcare needs.


Through the Barça Foundation, the club have also transferred the stretcher-buggy used at the Camp Nou to the Hospital Sant Pau. The facility consists of a new premises inaugurated in 2009, with 27 wards; the stretcher-buggy will transport patients between buildings and also from the Hospital Sant Pau to the Clinica de la Puigvert Fundación, and to the nursing school.
Assistència Sanitària provides helpline for COVID-19
Club partners are also contributing to the fight against coronavirus. Assistència Sanitaria Col·legial has provided its more than 190,000 policyholders -and all citizens in general- a telephone support service to resolve doubts about Covid-19. The insurer, the official medical partner of FC Barcelona and main sponsor of the club's professional sports teams, have set up the free telephone number 93 495 44 94 for all those who have doubts about the disease, who have symptoms, or who are caregivers.
This free telephone service is intended to help decongest the Catalan health system. Assistència Sanitaria has opened this helpline to the entire population, whether they are insured by the entity or not, as an additional mechanism to avoid the collapse of health resources .
The helpline runs from 9am to 9pm, and is operated by a team of doctors and nurses from the insurer, who will attend to consultations analysed with pre-established criteria. Depending on each specific case, different medical resources are recommended. In just 24 hours of operation, the service has doubled its amount of open lines in response to the high number of calls received.