300 Greek and refugee children participate in FutbolNet Festival in Athens with support from the Barça Foundation and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation


The Barça Foundation, with support from Stavros Niarchos Foundation, hosted a “FutbolNet Festival” which brought together 300 children and youth from Skaramagas refugee camp, Eleonas refugee camp and Athens public schools for an exciting day of sports activities and entertainment, focusing on the values of the game. The festival took place at the Kallithea Football Club which was provided by the Organization of Child Education and Sports "Giannis Gallos”. 


The festival participants are enrolled in a year-long programme that uses sport and the FC Barcelona values, through the FutbolNet methodology, to teach life skills, promote physical and emotional wellbeing, and foster cohesion among refugee and local communities.  


The programme, which uses the Barça Foundation’s FutbolNet methodology, reaches more than 3,000 children in refugee sites in Lebanon, Italy, and Greece. The programme includes both local and refugee children, promoting social inclusion and productive conflict resolution.


Barça Foundation partners with organisations and individuals living and working in the local communities it serves. Trainers from the Foundation travel to the local partner organisations, in this case Organization Earth and Praksis, to teach the methodology through hands-on workshops. FutbolNet is essentially an idea built on expertise and these trainings multiply the potential for impact far beyond what could be achieved if the programme was implemented only by Barça Foundation coaches.


Barça Foundation and SNF a fruitful partnership

The collaboration between the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and Barça Foundation keeps bearing fruit, extending past the support for Barça Foundation’s programmes. It is through Barça Foundation that the SNF learned of the need for a paediatric cancer facility in the SJD Children’s Hospital in Barcelona and decided to support its construction, in an effort to improve health care access to disadvantaged children from all over the world. Furthermore, the SNF and the Leo Messi Foundation, spearheaded by the Barça Foundation’s support, recently announced new grant commitments that brought the fundraising goal for the complete development of the Center to its completion.