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Sandro Rosell with members of the Vázquez Montalbán jury

Sandro Rosell with members of the Vázquez Montalbán jury / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

The jury of the Vázquez Montalbán International Journalism Award has offered its 5th award in the sports journalism category to Sergi Pàmies. It was commented that  “over the years, and through literature and journalism, Pàmies has been able to interpret the legacy of Vázquez Montalbán ... he preserves his intellectual legacy with his critical, profound and transversal journalism”.

The sports journalism award will be presented by the FC Barcelona Foundation and the Catalonia College of Journalism some time in 2014. This year’s jury was formed by Sandro Rosell, Ramon Pont, Ramon Cierco, Carles Vilarrubí, Josep Cortada, Mònica Terribas, Joaquim Maria Puyal, Borja de Riquer, Jordi Basté, Josep Maria Solé i Sabaté, Anton M. Espadaler, Jaume Pujol-Galceran, Ramon Besa, Santiago Segurola and Xavier Folch.

Writer, journalist and analyst

Born in Paris in 1960, Sergi Pàmies Bertran has written several books and novels and is one of the most renowned press analysts in the country. In La Vanguardia and other major media, he combines his texts with same values and vitality that made Vázquez Montalbán so famous in his own day.

Pàmies is the son of Teresa Pàmies and Gregorio López Raimundo. As well as his work as a writer, he is also widely respected for his translations of such authors as Guillaume Apollinaire, Agota Kristof, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Fréderic Beigbeder, Amélie Nothomb and Daniel Pennac.

In 1986, he published his first book of tale, T’hauria de caure la cara de vergonya, which were followed by Infecció (1987), La gran novel·la sobre Barcelona (1997), L’últim llibre de Sergi Pàmies (2000), Si menges una llimona sense fer ganyotes (2006), La bicicleta estàtica (2010) and Cançons d’amor i de pluja (2013), all published by Quaderns Crema. His most famous novels include La primera pedra (1990), L’instint (1992) and Sentimental (1995).

Sergi Pàmies has already won several important awards for his work as a writer, such as Ícaro, the Prudenci Bertrana, the Crítica Serra d’Or, the Ciutat de Barcelona, the Lletra d’Or and the Maria Àngels Anglada.

Previous winners

The Vázquez Montalbán Award for sports journalism was created in 2004 in order to create a permanent tribute to the person and work of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, a journalist who was so widely renowned for his rigour, ethics, social commitment and self-criticism.

The previous winners of the award were:

2004: Patrick Mignon
2005: Joaquim Maria Puyal
2006: Juan Villoro
2007: Simon Kuper
2008: Candido Cannavò
2009: Ramon Besa
2010: Eduardo Galeano
2011: Santiago Segurola
2012: Nick Hornby

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