L'Equip Ideal

Televisió de Catalunya broadcast the documentary on Tuesday at 9.50 pm in the series ‘Sense Ficció’.  Entitled ‘L’equip ideal’ (The ideal team) it was produced by TV3, Minoria Absoluta, the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNICEF and explains how sport can help improve the lives of children and young people in Ghana, a country where Barça and UNICEF are working on a number of joint educational projects.  Carles Puyol also features in the programme offering his own vision as a sportsman of what Barça means in other cultures.

FC Barcelona and UNICEF are working together as a result of an agreement signed in 2006 whereby the Club donates 1.5 million euros every year, the money being used in projects where sport is used to favour the personal development of children,  and improve infrastructures, school equipment and teacher training.  Barça and UNICEF are currently working together in Catalonia, Ghana, South Africa, China and Brazil.



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