Puyol durant la gravació de l'espot a la Ciutat Esportiva.

Since last September, Carles Puyol has been the image of the ‘We are what we eat’ campaign to encourage healthy eating habits. In the promotional video for this FCB Foundation backed initiative, the centre back displays his skills with an orange as he invites viewers to eat fresh fruit. Now you have the chance to enjoy the ‘making of’ the video, including unpublished footage of the Barça captain juggling an orange, as well as discovering some of the tricks used in the filming process.

‘We are what we eat’ has been running workshops for the last three months to teach children all around Catalonia about the need for a balanced and healthy diet, including a series of curious fruit recipes that are commonly offered on the menu at La Masia.

Further information about the project at: www.somelquefem.cat

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