Messi amb els infants a la Ciutat Esportiva. FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ / FCB

On Friday, Leo Messi was at the Ciutat Esportiva to welcome a group of children suffering from serious illnesses, most of them from abroad, from such countries as the USA, Canada, Israel, the UK, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal.

Today was one of the happiest days in these children’s lives. The big dream they all shared was the chance to meet the Barça star and spend some time with him, and today that dream came true.

On one of the fields next to La Masia, Messi exchanged views with all of them, signed autographs and even kicked the ball around with them.

The meeting forms part of the ‘Tot és possible / Todo es posible / All is possible’ campaign, and involved Messi giving each of the beneficiaries a shirt carrying that slogan, as well as different FC Barcelona products and tickets for the Camp Nou Experience.

This activity was possible thanks to the Argentinian’s social awareness and his work in conjunction with the Leo Messi Foundation, the FC Barcelona Foundation, the Make-A-Wish® Spain Foundation and the Ànima Foundation. It was organised in association with World Children’s Day on November 20, which focuses on promoting the welfare of children, and especially those in the most vulnerable situations.

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