Imatge de la campanya 'Barcelona dóna la cara per la sida'.

Imatge de la campanya 'Amigos de Malik'.

Saturday December 1st is the World AIDS Day and the Fundació FC Barcelona has joined in the celebrations to highlight the fight against the disease. After 30 years, there is finally a hope that the disease can be beaten and La Fundació aims to make this Saturday’s game against Athletic Blbao at the Camp Nou a platform to stress the importance of continuing the struggle against AIDS.

Support for two campaigns

The Fundació is giving its support to two campaigns: the first is promoting awareness of the disease – the campaign ‘Barcelona dóna la cara per la sida’ organised by the Fundació Lluita contra la Sida (FLS) and the second is collecting funds for investigation via the ‘Amigos de Malik’ campaign led by the Metges Sense Fronteres (MSF) charity.

The former aims to increase awareness amongst the general public of the effects of this terrible disease via a gala dinner and the illuminating of various buildings in the city with red light on December 1st, whilst the support for Malik campaign aims to highlight the importance of avoiding the transmission of the disease from mothers to children in Africa.

Activity in the Camp Nou

The Fundació will distribute red ribbons – the symbol of the fight against AIDS- in the ground during the game against Bilbao, as well as stickers and flyers with information about the campaign being run by Metges Sense Fronteres ‘Amigos de Malik’.

The Camp Nou presenter Manel Vich will also mention the campaigns in his announcements and the before the match the video screen at the ground will show the two TV spots created by the campaigns.

You can find more information concerning the two campaigns at: www.barcelonadonalacaraperlasida.org

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