A sportsperson from the Special Olympics Catalunya during one of the events organised by the group. PHOTO: Archive

FC Barcelona, via the Club’s Fundació wishes to highlight World Downs Syndrome Day, which is being celebrated on Thursday March 21st.

The Club has shown its sensitivity towards this group by giving full support to the cause through its various platforms, as part of its commitment to disabled collectives and to help defend their dignity, convinced that sport is a source of personal and physical improvement of great value for all.

La Fundació is studying the possibility of organising an event to provide information concerning the syndrome at the Club in the near future, with the aim of helping to contextualise the reality of people with the syndrome and highlight the importance of their integration into society.

Amongst other activities, the Fundació supports and takes an important role in events organised by the Special Olympics Catalunya and together with this organisation and Invest For Children they recently launched the ‘1r Concurs Internacional de Vídeos sobre l’Esport i la Discapacitat Intel·lectual’, - “The 1st International Competition for Videos concerning Sport and Intellectual Disability” – aimed at promoting audiovisual production and strengthening links between the two areas.

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