Cesc Fàbregas durante la firma de la pelota "Barça Spirit"

FC Barcelona and the social group Spirit of Football are collaborating to foster values and understanding among communities through a charity initiative being set up in January. Spirit of Football is a non profit making organisation that every four years sets out a journey through different countries with ‘The Ball’, going from England (where football was invented) to eventually reach the venue of the World Cup (it will reach Brazil in 2014). The ball is signed by the inhabitants of each place it visits and travels to centres and schools in order to unite communities and express the enriching components and values of this sport, to finally arrived fully signed in Brazil.

The ‘Barça Spirit’ ball is created

On the basis of this project, FC Barcelona, via its Foundation, and Spirit of Football have created a new initiative: ‘The Barça Spirit Ball’. The first team players have recently signed an official Spirit of Football ball, which has just been sent to Brazil, the host nation of the next World Cup in 2014. In 2013 and part of 2014, this ball will travel to more than 100 schools in different parts of Brazil, including education centres in some of the ‘favelas’. It is estimated that some 50,000 people, especially children, will be able to view the ball signed by the FC Barcelona players, and participate in the teaching sessions promoting the education and values that this sport and Barça represent, and thus reinforce the bond between communities. After this long journey around Brazil, ‘The Barça Spirit Ball’ will be exhibited in the São Paulo Football Museum.

The following promotional video features the first team players supporting the cause. Further information at:





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