Education against racist prejudice on and off the pitch

The Lilian Thuram Foundation was established in 2008 to ensure non-xenophobic education and the dismantling of racist prejudices. The alliance with the Barça Foundation involves the shared goal of eradicating racist behaviour on and off the pitch.

Among the many activities, Lilian Thuram participated in the presentation of the Evaluation Report of the Refugee Program in Lebanon, Italy and Greece and visited different refugee camps in Lebanon and Greece. He also visited an inclusion program that uses the Barça Foundation's own methodology, where unaccompanied minors are living without adult role models, and took part in an event organized by the Government of Catalonia's General Directorate of Child and Adolescent Care, where cases of successful insertion of minors under or formerly under the organisation's guardianship were presented.


Thuram explains his views on racism to participants in the Foundation’s sports-based program The former Barça player exposes young people to the cultural prejudices that are causing racism in our society


Our commitment to the Lilian Thuram Foundation

Both foundations work together to promote education as a basis for preventing and ending racism.

The Lilian Thuram Foundation gives its enlightened point of view on the origins of racism and the intellectual construction that sustains it.

Talks are held on this topic in which Lilian Thuram addresses children on the different programs, forums and conferences organized by the Foundation.


The Barça Foundation shows that it is not only football that is important to the club, and uses its name as a platform to change society

Lilian Thuram

Former footballer

This agreement will help us to improve our capacity to act on issues such as racism, sexism and homophobia

Jordi Cardoner

First Vice-President of FC Barcelona and the Barça Foundation

Lilian Thuram's work is a deconstruction of racism. It is committed to its task and works for the benefit of everyone

Ramon Garriga

Patron of the Barça Foundation

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