Program in Latin America with Scotiabank

The Barça Foundation in association with Scotiabank have been running a program in Latin America since 2017, which has reached more than 6,000 boys and girls every year in 6 countries in the region, namely Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru and Panama.

In its first phase, the project focused on the methodological training of instructors and holding FutbolNet Festivals as meeting places for the participants. In 2020, the model was expanded with the implementation of regular sessions during the school year, thus reinforcing the impact on the communities, and which will be complemented with the creation of educational material in digital format, in order to minimize the effects of Covid-19.

The project uses sport’s potential for change as an instrument for education in values and fostering life skills, with the aim of influencing the physical and emotional well-being of boys and girls, and promoting social inclusion and the prevention of violence in vulnerable communities in the Latin American region 

Nens amb samarreta d'Scotiabank


The Barça Foundation is working in Latin Amercia with a program to prevent violence. Here are some videos from the program’s implementation