Youth Future +

An opportunity for young people previously in care

The Joves Futur+ project, which is supported by the "la Caixa" Foundation, aims to promote the social inclusion of young people previously in care in Catalonia through comprehensive and individualised support, facilitating their full emancipation and autonomy for a future with dignity.

Joves Futur +

Four areas of action


Implementation of blocks of training in transversal skills for employability and intensive training in trades that will give them access to the jobs market.


Creation of individualised insertion paths accompanied by an employability specialist to facilitate recruitment procedures.


The figure of a mentor involves voluntarily and individually accompanying a young person previously under State care. The mentor will be a trusted figure who will allow them to learn about other realities, share hobbies, and will provide them with support to establish strong roots in the region and emotional bonds.

Psychosocial support

A space for psychosocial support is provided and agreed with the young person, depending on their needs, with the aim of improving their self-perception, overcoming any difficulties that arise, and providing them with emotional support to strengthen their self-esteem and confidence.


If you are a referral entity or a young person previously in care

Any entity/service/professional can refer and enrol a young person, as long as the young person voluntarily wishes to participate and a professional reference from the entity/service or the young person undertakes to work in coordination with the JOVES FUTURE+ professionals. A commitment will be signed with each young person and a work plan will be agreed upon.

The requirements that must be met are:
AGE: Young persons between the ages of 18-25 years (local and migrant). 
ACCOMPANIMENT: Monitored by an entity that covers and ensures their basic needs (financial benefits and/or housing and maintenance). 
HOUSING SITUATION: They must reside in a home (assisted flat +18, social rental or others). They cannot be homeless.

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How I can collaborate

If you are a company

You can participate in this project with an internship agreement (at no cost to the company) or via recruitment.  The Joves Futur+ team of professionals takes care of making a pre-selection of the candidates based on your profiles and we offer follow-ups on the chosen candidates.


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How I can collaborate

If you are an individual

You can apply to be a volunteer mentor for these young people.

We are looking for people 18+, from all over Catalonia, who are sociable, empathic and communicative, with training profiles, diverse hobbies and interests and who are willing to offer their regular involvement.

All interested persons will have to pass a selection interview, complete a free initial training session and subsequently agree to receive expert support and monitoring throughout the process.

We're counting on you!

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Get to know the Joves Futur + project

Joves Futur + Project

Equal opportunities for young people previously in care

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Training of mentors

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