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We are open to all who wish to join us on our mission to build a fairer and more egalitarian society by using sports and values-based education to provide support to society's most disadvantaged children and youth.

Your supports allows us to reach more children and youth, and transform their lives through sports.

We at the Barça Foundation want to have our voices heard to help bring about change. Join us.

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The Barça Foundation takes sides!

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One of ten boys and girls suffers from bullying at school, one of ten boys and girls urgently needs help, one of ten is all of us.

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The Barça Foundation believes in the values of sport to improve the living conditions of those most in need.

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Nujeen's Dream

Nujeen Mustafá is a young, Kurdish girl with cerebral palsy who was forced to flee a world of war and terror. Her dream was to see at game at Camp Nou — so we decided to help her out.