Salma is like Themis, the goddess of justice

"I’ve found a place where I can feel free.”


Photo: Germán Parga

Text: Josep Giralt


Salma was born in Córdoba, Argentina. She is thirteen years old, but one would say that she is older judging by her maturity and serenity. She has been participating in FutbolNet for a year. She was encouraged to join by a group of school friends. She has been living in Barcelona for five years now. "I want to be an attorney. I would like to help build a fairer society, and work for the rights of citizens," she says.


FutbolNet has allowed her, in a relatively short time, to find a place in which she can feel free. Within every human action, freedom is where our humankinds can raise higher. Salma could fill the checkbox of stereotypes of a very talkative and highly prepared Argentinean. Nevertheless, Salma's sensivity reflects how, to get here, she has had to go a long way. Human beings are projects above all.


At first she had problems integrating, but those issues have already been overcome. She participates in FutbolNet and in a theatre group.


"I like the teamwork at FutbolNet, the relationship that is created with my collagues, and the values that are transmitted to all of us. I like how we work with humility and also ambition. One of the things that I have enjoyed most is learning how to resolve conflicts."


Salma speaks perfect Catalan, and feels integrated and surrounded by friends. Her attitude is positive, and life have taught her that everything have to be made out of love, otherwise is not worth it.