We generate positive experiences to improve the emotional well-being of sick girls and boys

Situations of hospitalization and treatment are moments of pain, uncertainty, and misunderstanding for child patients.

At the Barça Foundation we aware of Barça and its athletes's capacity to contribute to positive emotions, and so we are running a program to support these children and their families.

In the 2020-2021 season, the Barça Foundation has supported more than 121,301 children through meetings, events and material deliveries.


Our commitment to children’s well-being

94% of the beneficiary children are better and more energized after the Barça experience.

83% of the medical team state that the activity helps the child to forget about the illness and treatment.   

tots units fem força (TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER)

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Sant Joan de Déu

The Barça Foundation is working with the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center to beat children's cancer.

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PortAventura Foundation

Alliance aimed at improving the living conditions of children in situations of vulnerability or illness.

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The Barça Foundation has alliance with a number of leading paediatric hospitals in Catalonia to promote the emotional well-being of hospitalized children.

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Enriqueta Villavecchia Oncology Foundation

Both foundations work together to promote the paediatric well-being of children undergoing treatment for cancer.

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Make a Wish Foundation

Alliance based on the goal of promoting the emotional well-being of children.

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