Collaboration between the FC Barcelona Foundation and the Eusebio Sacristán Foundation

Both foundations aim to collaborate in developing sports and socio-educational projects for the Inclusive Sports School managed by the Eusebio Sacristán Foundation. They wish to create a project for personal development through physical activity and sports, mainly through a chosen sporting modality, preferably football


A place where we all play!

All boys and girls, regardless of their abilities, belong at school, and we should always respect and positively value their achievements and successes, as well as help them gain a sense of identity, which is extremely important.

Generating values through sports

At our school we focus on the game itself (as a process) not on the result; in this way, by playing, we all win, encouraging coexistence and help.

Inclusive space

At this school there is room for every child. It is a space where every child adapts and seeks to help his or her classmates by putting their skills and abilities at the service of others.


The school aims to seek the inclusion of boys and girls within a context of normalisation, using sports as a working tool, with group dynamics that help develop and learn certain values, attitudes, social skills and rules.