Social values and places for leisure and fun for children undergoing oncological treatment

The Fundació d’Oncologia Infantil Enriqueta Villavecchia was built in 1989 in Barcelona. The non-profit entity provides integral coverage to the needs of children and young people undergoing oncological treatment in Catalonia, as well as their families.

The participation of the Fundació Villavecchia with the Barça Foundation is included in the Pediatric Emotional Wellbeing Programme. The promotion of social values to boost the development of the children and young people, as well as providing them with access to places for leisure and fun, are the main objectives sought by the collaboration.

Amongst the actions carried out, in 2019 eight children participated in the ‘Robot Pol’ project, which allowed them to enjoy a Barça experience through a remote controlled robot. A further 10 children had virtual meetings with players.