Guarantee access to sports activity for people with disabilities

The Barça Foundation is running the "For Diversity" project in the city of Barcelona, aimed at a specific group of children and young people with functional diversity. Using the FutbolNet methodology in extracurricular format, it aims to enable access to physical activity and sport for children and young people who were unable to do it before due to different barriers. Since 2015, a total of 141 children and young people have taken part.

Evaluations have shown that it has an impact whereby: 86% of the participants have better self-perception with respect to when they joined the project.

Making inclusion transversal to all projects in Catalonia

The Foundation ensures that all projects using FutbolNet in Catalonia are inclusive (groups formed by children and young people with and without functional diversity). During the 2018/19 season, a total of 520 children and young people took part in inclusive projects. Of the total, 24 children and young people had functional diversity (4.62%).

Thanks to the evaluations, it has been demonstrated that the project contributes to a change of views about functional diversity. 83% of families consider that FutbolNet has an impact by changing perceptions of functional diversity among playmates and between different agents in the community.


The Barça Foundation works for the inclusion of people with functional diversity using the FutbolNet methodology