Guarantee access to sports activity for people with disabilities

FC Barcelona Foundation delivered a project in Les Corts district of Barcelona with 18 children and youth with disabilities. Using the SportNet methodology, the project addressed the gap in sports provision for this group. The project has been running since 2015 with the support from
Barcelona city council and, to date, 207 children and youth have participated.

Evaluations have shown that it has an impact whereby: 86% of the participants have better self-perception with respect to when they joined the project.

Making inclusion transversal to all projects

FC Barcelona Foundation holds training sessions for sport and education leaders on the topic of including people with disabilities in sport and physical activity. During this season, 179 people in various roles in sport and education in Catalonia received inclusion training.

The inclusion protocol is a tool that evaluates the extent of inclusion of people with disabilities in SportNet sessions. It facilitates a diagnostic process of project sites, with the insights then used to inform adaptations oramendments to enhance the inclusion of person with  isabilities.



The Barça Foundation works for the inclusion of people with functional diversity using the SportNet methodology