Project with the Abertis Foundation in Brazil

Fighting stigmas affecting persons with functional diversity

The main objective of the FC Barcelona Foundation and the Abertis Foundation, in collaboration with Arteris, in the municipality of Guarulhos (São Paulo) is the inclusion of young people with functional diversity via sports and physical activities in mixed groups of children both with and without disabilities. It also allows the initiation into sports of these children, who usually find it difficult to access such resources, and offers extracurricular activities at the schools where the participants study.

The Project has been implemented across four public schools in the Guarulhos municipal network, close to the Fernão Dias highway, an infrastructure managed by Arteris, the Brazilian subsidiary of Abertis. The project works on the social inclusion of children with functional diversity and seeks to provide participants without functional diversities with the necessary tools to play with the others. It has also trained 20 teachers using the Foundation's methodology.

For the diversity

The FC Barcelona Foundation and Abertis project to promote inclusion