Working with the support of Gran Tierra and the Bogota Chamber of Commerce Among different initiatives in Colombia, in the context of the Peace Process, we are collaborating with Gran Tierra in preventing the recruitment of young people in border states of the country, and with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, we work in the area of juvenile justice, to prevent criminal recidivism.


Sport for peace

For the past three years, the Barça Foundation has been working on a program for preventing violence in Colombia, creating safe leisure spaces in vulnerable and violent areas, and preventing the recruitment of children and young people by criminal gangs.

In February 2020, the Barça Foundation organized the forum "Sport as a means for building peace" held in alliance with the Mayor's Office and the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, which was attended by former first team players such as Carles Puyol and Jose Edmilson, who spoke about the commitment of sport in tackling issues such as violence, inequality, sustainability and peace.


Inclusion opportunities for children and young people living in conflicted environments

In Bogotá, the work of the Barça Foundation began at the start of 2019 with a plan in the towns of San Cristóbal, Ciudad Bolívar, Engativá, Bosa, Suba, Kennedy and Mártires, aimed at generating opportunities for inclusion through sport for children and young people living in socially conflictive environments.

We work for social inclusion, preventing violence and giving access to education through the development of the Foundation's program, which takes place in local parks at several locations. In Bogotá, cooperation between the Barça Foundation, the District, and the Chamber of Commerce has had an impact on more than 2000 young people.


Promoting sport as a protective environment to mitigate risk factors in child recruitment

The town of Puerto Asís, in the Colombian department of Putumayo, is one of the epicentres of cocaine production and trafficking in Colombia. The Barça Foundation and Gran Tierra Energy project in Putumayo, where 40% of the beneficiaries are girls, is aimed at strengthening protective environments to reduce the risk of child recruitment.

300 teenage boys and girls participating in this joint program shared a day with former FC Barcelona player and Brazilian international José Edmilson, at the end-of-project festival.


The Barça Foundation is working in Colombia with a program to prevent violence. Here are some stories and experiences from the program’s implementation