Sport as a tool for change among the most vulnerable children and young people

The Barça Foundation's FutbolNet methodology helps us to influence the fight against different forms of social exclusion and the generation of new opportunities through sport for groups of children and young people from vulnerable communities, for reasons of origin, socioeconomic situations, abilities and gender. Specifically, the project aims to destigmatize groups at risk of exclusion, forge links, encourage the development of their skills and to serve as a community prevention agent.


Thanks to the support of Nike Made To Play and the Provincial Councils of: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona and the Town Councils of the municipalities where the program is run, as well as Nike's "Made to play" program (among others), about 1700 children from some 25 municipalities in Catalonia take part in the Barça Foundation projects.


Stories from the Barça Foundation's social inclusion program through the four provincial councils of Catalonia